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Mauricio Fuentes


Mauricio Fuentes

Postadress: Box 460, 40530 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Guldhedsgatan 5a , 40530 Göteborg

Institutionen för geovetenskaper (Mer information)
Box 460
405 30 Göteborg

Besöksadress: Guldhedsgatan 5a , 413 20 Göteborg

Om Mauricio Fuentes

I Just started my Phd studentship at GULD. My work is linked to two of the national strategy projects: “Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate – BECC” and “ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system (MERGE)”. I am also taking part of the Regional Climate Group. Although my headquarters are based at GULD, a great deal of my project is going to be developed in southern South America. There I will work with the Foundation CEQUA (Pta. Arenas, Chile) and the Dendrochronology Laboratory at Universidad Austral (Valdivia, Chile). I am developing and analyzing a network of tree ring chronologies in Scandinavia, and southern South America. From these chronologies I will develop climate reconstructions (precipitation, temperature and atmospheric pressure) which in turn I will use to assess similarities on climate processes and circulation patterns in both hemispheres. These similarities may give evidence of teleconnections between climate systems, leading to a better understanding of the atmospheric circulation patterns. All things are connected, you know?




Journal articles
Fuentes, M.; Niklasson, M.; Drobyshev, I.; Karlsson, M. 2010. Tree mortality in a semi-natural beech forest in SW Sweden. Ecological Bulletins 53: 117–129.

Gutiérrez A.G., Aravena J.C., Carrasco-Farias N.V., Christie D.A., Fuentes M. & Armesto J. (2008) Gap-phase dynamics and coexistence of a long-lived pioneer and shade-tolerant tree species in the canopy of an old-growth coastal temperate rain forest of Chiloé Island, Chile. Journal of Biogeography 35(9): 1674-1687.

Niklasson, M., Churski, M., Fuentes, M. & Gawron, A. 2005. Åldersstruktur och dynamik i Biskopstorps lövskogar. Länsstyrelsen Hallands län. Meddelande.

Chapter in book
Gutiérrez, A.G., Carrasco, N.V., Christie, D.A., Aravena, J.C., Fuentes, M. & Armesto, J.J. (2007) Edge effects on tree recruitment process in Valdivian and North Patagonian rainforests: anthropogenic edges versus canopy gaps, Box 4.8.. In: (Newton, A., J.J. Armesto, M. González and A. Lara, eds), “Biodiversity loss and conservation in fragmented forest landscapes”. CABI publishing, UK

Master thesis
Mauricio Fuentes, 2008. Beech mortality in Holkåsen, Halland. stud.epsilon.slu.se/1136/1/Fuentes_Perivancich_MI_100504.pdf

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