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David Cornell

Professor of Geochemistry

University of Gothenburg
Department of Earth Sciences
PO Box 460
SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46-31-786 28 05
Fax: +46-31-786 19 86   
E-mail: cornell[at]gvc.gu.se


I am a disciple of Goldschmidt and Ahrens, seeking to apply the knowledge of geochemical analysis and the geochemical distribution of elements to problems in igneous and metamorphic petrology and crustal evolution. My latest efforts have been in the fields of rare earth element geochemistry, metamorphic protolithology and ion probe zircon dating.

I teach a lot of geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology, which helps my research in terms of ideas, but also restricts my productivity.
I'm interested mainly in Precambrian crustal development, using geochronology and geochemistry to reconstruct how our continental crust developed, and what supercontinents formed and broke up during the geological history.
This has implications for how and when mineral deposits formed.
My field areas are mainly in southern Africa and the southern Baltic Shield, see my CV for the PhD and masters projects I've supervised .
I also run the SEM and ICPMS laboratories with support of research engineers. Many publications have come out of this facility, the best in Sweden for mineral major and trace element analysis.


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