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Hans Linderholm


Hans Linderholm
+46 31 786 2887

Room number: 470
Postal Address: Box 460, 40530 Göteborg
Visiting Address: Guldhedsgatan 5a , 41320 Göteborg

Department of Earth Sciences (More Information)
Box 460
405 30 Göteborg
Visiting Address: Guldhedsgatan 5a , 413 20 Göteborg

About Hans Linderholm

Research interests
My research is focused on regional climate variability in Europe and Asia from the past (last 2000 years) to the future (next 100 years), the effect of climate change on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and the role of the large-scale circulation in the oceans and atmosphere on climate variability in these regions.

Using high-resolution proxies, mainly tree rings, I reconstruct past climate changes (e.g. temperatures, drought and precipitation, and the atmospheric circulation) on different temporal and spatial scales. My work has mainly been conducted in North Europe and China, but I have also projects in Canada and North Africa. These reconstructions are useful in understanding past climate variability under (more or less) natural conditions, i.e. before man had a significant impact on climate. Thus, these reconstructions can help us assess how much we have affected climate in the last century. Moreover, climate records going far back in time can help us better understand the climate system, e.g. how climate in different regions is related to that of other, remote, regions - teleconnections. Such teleconnections are due to the large-scale circulation in the oceans and the atmosphere, and this is a special focus of my research.

I also do research on contemporary climate change, presently directed towards better understanding the impacts (and feedbacks) of large-scale circulation change (e.g. the NAO and the Asian Monsoon) on climate in the future, but also on glacier variability in northern Scandinavia, changes in the growing season and the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems.

Read more on my personal homepage (external website)

Gothenburg University Laboratory for Dendrochronology (GULD)

Regional Climate Group

Sino-Swedish Centre for Tree-Ring Research

Latest publications

Divergent consensuses on Arctic amplification influence on midlatitude severe winter weather
J. Cohen, X. Zhang, J. Francis, T. Jung, R. Kwok et al.
Nature Climate Change, Review article 2020
Review article

Spatial risk assessment of global change impacts on Swedish seagrass ecosystems
Diana Perry, Linus Hammar, Hans W. Linderholm, Martin Gullström
PLoS ONE, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Hans W. Linderholm
Geografiska Annaler, Series A: Physical Geography, Editorial letter 2019
Editorial letter

Anthropogenic Aerosols Cause Recent Pronounced Weakening of Asian Summer Monsoon Relative to Last Four Centuries
Y. Liu, W. J. Cai, C. F. Sun, H. M. Song, K. M. Cobb et al.
Geophysical Research Letters, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Temporal variability of a protected multispecific tropical seagrass meadow in response to environmental change
E. Alonso Aller, J. S. Eklöf, M. Gullström, U. Kloiber, Hans W. Linderholm et al.
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Agricultural Adaptation to Global Warming in the Tibetan Plateau
Y. L. Song, C. Y. Wang, Hans W. Linderholm, J. F. Tian, Y. Shi et al.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Jakten på drivved i Arktis
Björn Gunnarson, Hans W. Linderholm
Geografiska Notiser, Magazine article 2019
Magazine article

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Data Descriptor: A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era
J. Emile-Geay, N. P. McKay, D. S. Kaufman, L. von Gunten, J. G. Wang et al.
Scientific Data, Journal article 2017
Journal article

Peter Jansson, Hans W. Linderholm
Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, Editorial letter 2017
Editorial letter

The third phase of the PAGES 2k network
Nerilie Abraham, Oliver Bothe, Hans W. Linderholm, Belen Martrat, Helen McGregor et al.
Past Global Changes Magazine, Magazine article 2017
Magazine article

Recent enhancement of central Pacific El Nino variability relative to last eight centuries
Y. Liu, K. M. Cobb, H. M. Song, Q. Li, C. Y. Li et al.
Nature Communications, Journal article 2017
Journal article

Last millennium Northern Hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part II, spatially resolved reconstructions
Kevin Anchukaitis, Rob Wilson, Keith Briffa, Ulf Büntgen, Edward Cook et al.
Quaternary Science Reviews, Journal article 2017
Journal article

Facilitating tree-ring dating of historic conifer timbers using Blue Intensity
R. Wilson, D. Wilson, M. Rydval, A. Crone, U. Buntgen et al.
Journal of Archaeological Science, Journal article 2017
Journal article


1200 years of warm-season temperature variability in central Scandinavia inferred from tree-ring density
Peng Zhang, Hans W. Linderholm, Björn E. Gunnarson, Jesper Bjorklund, Deliang Chen
Climate of the Past, Journal article 2016
Journal article

Last millennium northern hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part I: The long term context
Rob Wilson, Kevin Anchukaitis, Keith R. Briffa, Ulf Büntgen, Edward Cook et al.
Quaternary Science Reviews, Journal article 2016
Journal article

A comparison between Tree-Ring Width and Blue Intensity high and low frequency signals from Pinus sylvestris L. from the Central and Northern Scandinavian Mountains
Mauricio Fuentes, Hans W. Linderholm, Kristina Seftigen, Jesper Björklund, Björn E Gunnarson et al.
TRACE - Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatolog y and Ecology, Volume 14. Scien tific Technical Report 16/04, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, p. 38-43. doi: 10.2312/GFZ.b103-16042., Conference contribution 2016
Conference contribution

Dendroclimatological potential of three juniper species from the Turkestan range, northwestern Pamir-Alay Mountains, Uzbekistan
Andrea Seim, Timur Tulyaganov, Gulzar Omurova, Lyutsian Nikolyai, Evgeniy Botman et al.
Trees, Journal article 2016
Journal article

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