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Kvartär- och Miljögeologi

Our successful projects have dealt with sedimentology and stratigraphy of Quaternary deposits and glacial landforms in Sweden, USA and Iceland. This knowledge, in connection with climate change scenarios, has also been applied to interpret regional and local influences on quick-clay development and landslide risks in Sweden, Canada and Norway.

Similarly, sediment sources, pathways and accumulation are centrally important in environmental studies, including an ongoing EU project focussed on urban pollution and earlier EU and nationally funded projects dealing with environmental sedimentology of harbours, coastal waters and shelf areas in Sweden, Portugal, Latvia and Lithuania. Detailed Quaternary stratigraphy from the Landsort Deep, Baltic Sea, have given the first ever documentation of MnS minerals from ancient sedimentary environments, reflecting similarly extreme conditions as are observed today, but without the “convenient” explanation of human-induced eutrophication.

Our new methodology for quantitative provenance (identification and partitioning of source supply) has wide applications for environmental investigations where modelling will be used for management and remedial decisions.

For further information please contact Rodney Stevens.

Kvartär- och Miljögeologigruppen

Rodney Stevens
Mark Johnson

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