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  • Gas sampling from soil incubations

  • Nutrient analysis

  • Studying the effects of climate change

  • Analysis of stable isotopes


In our research group we are investigating the (re-)cycling of nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems, which occurs in the soil-plant-microbe system. Our main focuses are on the gross soil dynamics of nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as the production of biogenic greenhouse gases.

We are interested in how global change (climate and land use) affects nutrient cycling and how those feedback to the change, e.g. by governing the responses of vegetation or by production of greenhouse gases.

We are applying a range of methodologies for studying biogeochemical cycles. Stable and radio- isotope techniques are powerful tools to study gross nutrient dynamics and to investigate production pathways of biogenic greenhouse gases. We are also interested in identifying which microbial groups are the main drivers of biogeochemistry in soils.


  • Climate change effects on nutrient cycling and ecosystems
  • Rhizosphere biogeochemistry
  • Nitrogen pathways in arable land
  • Biogeochemistry of tropical forests
  • Production of nitrous oxide in soils


Soil sampling at SkogarydDet är vi som ingår i forskargruppen för Biogeokemi:

  • Pågående forskningsprojekt

    Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate - BECC (Strategic Research Area)

    Future nutrient limitations across ecosystems - a dual look at nitrogen and phosphorus


    Finansieras av: FORMAS

    PI: Louise Andresen


    Pathways of Nitrous oxide production in forest soils


    Finasieras av: VR and FORMAS

    PI: Tobias Rütting


    - Closing the Nitrogen budget in arable fields to identify options for reducing fertilizer N losses


    Finansieras av: FORMAS

    PI: Tobias Rütting


  • Avslutade forskningsprojekt

    Elucidating the role of amino acid turnover in the terrestrial nitrogen cycle in comparison to ammonification


    Finansierades av: FORMAS

    PI: Tobias Rütting

    Nitrous Oxide Research Alliance


    Finansierades av: Marie Currie ITN


Sidansvarig: Henrik Thelin|Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-06-20

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