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GULD People: Current crew

This is a list of people associated with GULD as of 2016.


Hans Linderholm

Professor, GULD director

Hans started his career in dendroclimatology in 1994, when he studied trees at a peat bog just outside Stockholm. After his PhD at Stockholm University (2001), he spent one year at the Climate Impact Research Centre at Abisko Scientific Research Station in northernmost Sweden (by the famous Torneträsk).

In 2003 he moved to Gothenburg, founded GULD and now holds a position as Professor in Physical Geography. He is also co-director of the Sino-Swedish Centre for Tree-Ring Research (SISTRR) and leader of the Arctic 2k group.

Yu Liu

Guest Professor

Yu is the director of the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xian, China. Scientifically, he leads the Tree-ring Lab in Xian, and is co-director of the Sino-Swedish Centre for Tree-Ring Research (SISTRR).

Since 2010, he is a guest professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg and has co-supervised several GULD PhDs.

Kristina Seftigen


Kristina finished her PhD in 2014. In collaboration with Ed Cook at the Lamont-Docherty earth Laboratory, US, she created a Fennoscandian drought atlas covering the last 1000 years. After finishing her PhD, she spent a year at WSL as a Postdoc.

Currently she has a Postdoc position joint between the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg and Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium (with Hugues Goosse).

Peng Zhang


Peng holds two PhDs, one from the Northeast Forestry University in China and one from Department of Earth Sciences, Gothenburg University. Both dealing with dendroclimatology in west-central Sweden.

After a Postdoc spell at AWI (with Gerrit Lohmann) he returned to GULD and is currently working as a researcher, focusing on climate extremes in Fennoscandia and is also involved in the JETCLIM project.

Mauricio Fuentes

PhD student

Mauricio’s main focus is to develop a tree-ring chronology network for Sweden, as well as Chilean Patagonia, South America. These networks will be used for climate reconstructions and to assess similarities in climate processes and circulation patterns in both hemispheres.

These similarities may give evidence of teleconnections between climate systems, leading to a better understanding of the atmospheric circulation patterns.

Riikka Salo

PhD student

Riikka did her Master at GULD, where she made a reconstruction of summer sunshine in central Sweden for the last 750 years based on carbon isotope data from Scots pine (in collaboration with Dr Neil Loader, Swansea University, UK).

She has also built a 1000-year long tree-ring width chronology from the southern Scandinavian Mountains. She is currently working on extending the isotope chronology from central Sweden to cover the last 2k as well as regional comparisons.

Riccardo Cerrato

PhD student

Riccardo is doing his PhD at the University of Pisa, but spends part of his studies at GULD as an Erasmus exchange student.

His thesis topic is dendroglaciology, with focus on reconstructing glacier mass balance in the Italian Alps.


Christopher Leifsson

MSc student

Christopher is doing his Master Thesis at GULD. He is working on shrubs (betula, salix) in Swedish Lappland, assessing their potential as climate proxies and indicators of permafrost variability.

Associate members

Björn Gunnarson

Associate Professor

Björn did his MSc and PhD together with Hans at Stockholm University, and is now an Associate professor and leads the “The Stockholm Tree Ring Laboratory”.

He has collaborated with GULD on density measurements and is co-supervising several of GULDs PhD and MSc students.



Deliang Chen


Deliang, who is the leader of the Regional Climate Group at the University of Gothenburg, is a meteorologist focusing on analyzing observations and climate model output. His current research focus is now on the “Third Pole Region”. Lately he has taken an interest in paleoclimate proxies and is involved in many GULD activities.



Jee-Hoon Jeong

Associate Professor

Jee-Hoon is a climate modeler who is based at Chonnam national University in South Korea, but also holds an Associate Professorship at the department of Earth Sciences.

He has been involved in many GULD projects and is now developing dendroclimatology at his home University in collaboration with GULD.

Emad Farahat

Associate Professor

Emad started his career in plant ecology in 1998, when he studied the impact of air pollution on plants in Cairo, Egypt. After finishing his Ph.D at Helwan University in Egypt (2006), he got a Postdoc to study forest ecology in Biology Department, McGill University, QC, Canada.

Emad has made several long visits to GULD within various collaboration projects. He is now an Associate Professor at Helwan University.

Jesper Björklund


Jesper has a BSc in Environmental Science and a MSc in Atmospheric Science (University of Gothenburg, Sweden).

Jesper got his PhD in 2014 and subsequently moved to WSL where he is currently working. Some focus has been on exploring MXD and Blue Intensity.


Past members

Andrea Seim

PhD, 2016

Huming Song

SISTRR PhD, 2014

Johannes Edvardsson

PhD at Lund University 2013

Guang Bao

SISTRR PhD, 2011

Petter Stridbeck

Technical and scientific support

Eva Rocha

MSc, 2014

Milad Fahimi

BSc, 2016

Jenny Wessberg

BSc, 2016

Marica Johansson

BSc, 2015

Max Inge

BSc, 2015

Hampus Lindvall

BSc, 2015

Christian Axelsson

BSc, 2013

Isabelle Andersson

BSc, 2013

Sofia Sjögren

BSc, 2013

Karin Andersson

BSc, 2013

Malin Söderstedt

BSc, 2013

Madelene Holmblad

BSc, 2012

Quim Albets Grane

Erasmus student, 2013

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