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Microgeochemistry Laboratories

We have some of the best facilities for mineral analysis in Sweden, with a brand-new Raman microscope, a scanning electron microscope with X-ray spectrometers (SEM), and two inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICPMS), allowing work in laser ablation and solution mode.

These can make accurate geochemical analyses of minerals and rocks from 100% (e.g. native gold) down to parts per billion, e.g. lanthanum in garnet. We use these instruments for both teaching and research, and we welcome many international guests to our research courses and as visiting users.

Analysis on those core facilities is supported by a range of additional equipment. The full work-flow from rock crushing, to mineral separation (by magnetism and density) and finally thin section and/or single-crystal mount preparation can be performed in-house. The recently upgraded clean lab can handle preparation of water samples (e.g., sea-, lake-, groundwater) for ultra-trace elements.

Sidansvarig: Henrik Thelin|Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-10-18

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