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Sven Lindqvist

Professor Emeritus
Former Dean and Vice Rector
Physical Geography









University of Gothenburg
Department of Earth Sciences
PO Box 460
SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46-31-786 19 53
Fax: +46-31-786 19 86
E-mail: sven[at]gvc.gu.se



Professor Lindqvist has a general interest in physical geography and climatology, with a background in earth sciences and geography. He has been supervisor and examiner for postgraduate students in physical geography and geography with concentration on physical geography. Lindqvist has at the department initiated two parts in applied climatology, urban climatology and road meteorology. Of later date is an interest in regional climatology. In addition some strength has been given to start research in developing countries and in that contribute to papers dealing with analysis of temporal and spatial variations in precipitation in India, West and East Africa. Urban climate in tropical cities has also been studied.

A new area of interest is wine science, especially the influence of climate and microclimate on wine production and quality.

Selected Publications

Lindqvist, S., 1964, Stadens klimat. Geogr. Not 4.

Lindqvist, S. and Mattson, J. O., 1965, Studies of the thermal structure of a pals. Lund Studies in Geography, Ser. A. Physical Geogr., No 34.

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Bärring, L., Mattsson, J. O. and Lindqvist, S., Canyon geometry, street temperatures and urban heat island in Malmö, Sweden. J. of Clim. 5, 433 – 444.

Lindqvist, S., 1987, Sensing road surface temperatures with infrared technique. GUNI Rapport 23.

Lindqvist, S., 1991, Local climate maps for planning. GUNI Rapport 32.

Bogren, J., Gustavsson, T and Lindqvist, S., 1992, A description of a local climatological model used to predict temperature variations along stretches of road. Meteor. Mag. 121, 157 – 164.

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Gustavsson, T., Lindqvist, S., Borne, K. and Bogren, J., 1995, A study of sea and land breezes in an archipelago on the West Coast of Sweden. Int. J. of Clim., 15, 785-800.

Lindqvist, L. and Lindqvist, S., 1997, Spatial and temporal variability of nocturnal summer frost in elevated complex terrain. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 87, 1939-1953.

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Qstwald, M., Jusoff, K. and Lindqvist, S., 1999, Investing local protection efforts in forest vegetation change in Orissa, India, using NOAA AVHRR data. J. of Tropical Forest Science.

Norrman, J., Eriksson, M. and Lindqvist, S., 2000, The relationship between roas slipperiness, traffic accidents and winter road maintenance. Climate Research, 15, 185 – 193.

Postgård, U. and Lindqvist, S., 2000, Air and road surface temperature variations during weather changes. Met. Appl.

Ouvaka, M. and Lindqvist, S., 2000, Rainfall variability in Muranga District Kenya – meteorological data and farmers´ perception. Geogr. Ann., 82, 107 – 119.

Svensson, M. K., Thorsson, S. and Lindqvist, S., 2003, A GIS model for creating bioclimatic maps – examples from a high latitude city. Int. J. of Biometeorology, 47, 102 – 112.

Thorsson, S., Lindqvist, S. and Lindqvist, M., 2003, Thermal bioclimatic conditions and pattern of behaviour in an urban park in Göteborg, Sweden. Int. J. of Biomet., 48, 1946 – 1956.

Jonsson, P. and Lindqvist, S., 2005, Differences in urban heat island development between a coastal and an inland city in Africa. Int. J. of Clim.


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