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Lianyi Guo

 Title: Future projection and uncertainty of precipitation in China based on multi-model and multi-downscaling techniques

Visiting period: One year, from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020

The favorite research question: Regional climate response and attribution under the background of global warming

Hui-Wen Lai

Title: Dynamics and importance of convection for precipitation in the Third Pole region: model simulations

Start year: 2018

Research questions: What are the variabilities of extreme weather events over high mountain environments? How do extreme weather events over the Tibetan Plateau change under a warming climate?


Lorenzo Minola


Title: Wind speed extremes across Northern Europe: from their origin to their changes and impact

Start year: 2016

Main research question: What are the factors and the physical processes (e.g., atmospheric circulation patterns) behind the origins and the changes of extreme wind events?


Michelle Nygren

Title: The impact of climate change on groundwater resources in Sweden.

Start year: 2017.

I am especially interested in groundwater droughts, or groundwater level deficits, and changes in their spatiotemporal distribution. One of the main goals that I am currently working on is to increase the understanding of groundwater level deficits in Swedish hydrogeological systems, and to elucidate why and where they occur. My focus is on associated hydroclimatic conditions and regional differences.

Tzu Tung (Sassa) Chen

Titel: Climate change impacts on human health in the pre-industrial era - combining paleoclimate data and ancient DNA.

Start year: 2018

Research questions: How do we assess the relationship of health and climate change in a changing climate? Can we detect infectious disease consequences of extreme weather?


Bo Su

 Title: Cryospheric meltwater services and socio-ecological systems resilience in arid inland region, northwest China

Training Time at the University of Gothenburg: from Sep. 2019 to Feb. 2021.

Research Interests: Cryospheric services and socio-ecological systems resilience.

Pramod Surendran

 Titel: Water operations in urban/rural areas: permits, investigations, technical measures and monitoring

The main aim of this project is to strengthen and clarify the connection between environmental assessment (permits for water activities when necessary), technical design, control and to develop a red thread through the process. Another aim of the project is to provide a basic structure for interdisciplinary discussions for example geology, hydrogeology, rock technology, geotechnics, construction technology with focus on water management such as grouting/sealing of soil and rock.





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