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Geovetenskap, Masterprogram, 120 hp

Against the background of global change, modern society has an increasing need of citizen competence in Earth sciences. The accessibility of Earth science information is greater today, resulting in new areas of application and new methods to manage geo-resources on a local and global basis. 

The courses in the Earth science Master's Programme provide depth and diverse possibilities for subject specialisation. The courses also give you extensive experience with new analytical methods and the ability to evaluate and present complex issues within the Earth sciences.

Career areas

This educational programme gives you the tools required for working with advanced Earth science applications within government and industry, as well as preparing you for a possible continuation of your academic career. Examples of working areas are at national and international companies, governmental agencies, institutes and other organisations dealing with natural resource and environmental management, for instance consultants and companies within the energy, insurance and construction sectors.


The programme consists of three profile areas, which intent to give you a clearly defined specialisation in the orientation of your choice. The education is connected to current research and to different practical applications.

  • Environmental and Applied Geology has three goals, to explain and illustrate why different geological materials have specific characteristics, why there are systematic trends in the physical environment, and how this knowledge can be applied in society.
  • Bedrock Geology focuses on courses in magmatic and metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, economic geology and geophysics combined with excursions to study the Scandinavian Precambrian bedrock.
  • Physical Geography/Climatology investigates the interactions between climate, society and terrestrial environments, both natural and urban. Here knowledge of past climate and natural geography is combined with applied studies of how climate affects humans and the environment, now and in the future.
Geovetenskap, Masterprogram, 120 hp
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Om din anmälan leder till en antagning och du tackar "Ja" till den erbjudna platsen, antas du till programmet och den inledande obligatoriska kursen GV4000 som ges första terminen på programmet.

Du måste registrera dig själv, vilket du gör via e-tjänsten Ladok på webb. När du registrerat dig på kursen GE0400 som inleder programstudierna aktiveras även din programantagning.

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